Travelogue: Kuala Lumpur via Putrajaya

I have yet to write about the so issues of relationship as i said that i would do. *so Aud tunggu kay….haven’t yet got the ilham to write about that controversial topic…..teehee*.

Apapun, my post for this time around is as mentioned by the title is about my trip to the Malaysia’s Capital: Kuala Lumpur. I know! For some of you that religiously *hehehe…..this is me being perasan having a lot of readers for this blog of mine………hehehe* follows this blog, you are right if you were saying ‘KL again!’. Tapi fyi, this time around the trip is purposely work related. So its not another shopping spree like before. *boleh cayer ker….ioj….i occay jer*

Anyway, for the trip i had to sacrifice my leave. Terpaksa ambik cuti setengah hari, tak best tol ambik cuti half day nie. Rugi jer tapi nak buat camner, dah terpaksa. So aku dengan casualnya pun melangkah lah ke airport. Thanks to Taytay for willing to hantar me to the airport. Alhamdulillah the flight was smooth. Sampai jer terus naik bas *nasib baik la my earlier trip make it easier for me to use the bus* ke KL Sentral. Then ambik teksi g hotel.  Cititel Midvalley.



Best gak the bilik yang aku dapat. Kemas n selesa. Just as i like it. Tapi i spend just a little time to enjoy the room sebab i was then whisked off by my fren but not before i had a brief walk in Midvalley. *teringat time belajar dulu where me and my frenz would just share a cab together to konon window shopping kat sini* Btw as i went in the mall, my eyes immediately spotted Uniqlo. *matila….rambang mata* Sempat la menyinggah tapi nasib baik tak menyempat membeli. *betul…langsung tak beli or sebab takde orang yang menghasut……hehehehe*

That nite i had my dinner at my ex roomate house. Kuchai. @Kajang.  Cantik sesangat rumah dia. So happy to see all my frenz are able to make it in life. Bobo, that goes to you too. Semoga korang akan terus berjaya and success dalam hidup. Amin. Ada kesempatan kita jumpa lagi. Insya allah.


We chat till wee hours in the morning. Banyak sangat benda yang kita sembang sampai tak sedar masa berlalu. Di pendekkan citer, i reach my hotel room @3am. Then terus peng.

That morning, bangun n terus kemas barang before mandi. Then turun g breakfast *i just had 2 slice of wholegrain bread and 2 piece of  jam coated bread. Tak nak ambik banyak sangat sebab takut terber…* before taking a taxi to Putrajaya. Such a magnificient sight to behold. Memang cantik but susah sangat nak dapat transport. The briefing turn out well and ended early. So i was dumbfounded n hilang arah nak kemana. So next destination @Alamanda Putrajaya. Huge megamall but sorry to say quite boring. Sekali imbas macam @Spring jer. Anyway, i tried to spend time by shooting at bad guys….kat game arcade kat situ. Bohsan aku blah g airport terus. Flight kol 8 lebih kurang but aku dah terpacak kat LCCT around 2.

Kayo2 aku carik port elok then layan internet jer until time to board the plane. Tho ada dikit delay, the flight home was occay *can’t say it smooth sebab the plane bounce a lot*. But alhamdulillah sampai gak Kuching. Thanks to Joe sebab sudi ambik dari airport walau dah lewat.

So that is basically my post of my trip. Kindda drab sebab teringatkan kerja yang tidak berganjak ditinggalkan but somewhat fun sebab dapat jumpa sahabat lama. Till next time.


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